cosmetic procedures

Teeth Whitening or bleaching is performed to enhance the shade and color of your teeth.


external bleaching

Tooth whitening is a simple, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment that can change the color of your natural teeth and enhance the beauty of your smile. We offer multiple options to help you achieve your ideal smile. We will work with you to create a customized whitening plan based on your timeline and goals.

direct veneers

Composite resin veneers are applied using filling material that is colored matched to the rest of your teeth. A small amount of the front of the tooth is removed to allow for room for the material to be placed. Additional layers of resin may be used to correct the length and shape of the tooth. After being placed, the material is set or hardened with a blue light. After the material is hardened, it is shaped and polished to an ideal finish.

anterior crown replacement

Placing crowns on the front teeth can be done to enhance the appearance of teeth by changing the shape, the color, or by closing gaps between teeth. Anterior crowns require the removal of some natural tooth structure to create space for the crown, and for that reason are considered a more invasive treatment. Still, anterior crowns can be a great option to help restore or improve someone’s smile.

internal bleaching

Internal bleaching is a procedure done to whiten teeth that have received root canal treatment. The procedure takes placed after root canal therapy has been completed. A bleaching agent is placed into the top portion of the tooth and left in place for 1-2 weeks.  This procedure could require multiple rounds of bleaching to achieve optimal results. Once the desired color is obtained, the bleaching agent is removed and a final filling is placed.

indirect veneers

Indirect or porcelain veneers are considered a more invasive treatment, because a greater amount of tooth structure has to be removed to make room for the porcelain. Once adequate tooth structure has been removed, a mold or impression is made of the teeth. This impression will be sent to a highly trained lab technician who will fabricate your custom porcelain veneers, which will be cemented into place at a subsequent appointment. Temporary chairside veneers will be provided until the custom porcelain veneers can be cemented into place. Indirect veneers require more preparation, but usually give a longer lasting result compared to direct veneers, which have to be replaced/re-done more often.

diastema closure

It’s important to be aware, that in instances of head trauma, medical evaluation takes priority over dental injury. In order to thoroughly evaluate head injuries such as concussions, hematomas, or brain bleeds, you will need to see a medical doctor. If consciousness was lost during the injury, please seek medical evaluation right away.

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