emergency care


exams (clinical & radiographic)

Most dental emergencies require clinical and radiographic examinations in order to accurately diagnose the problem. What sometimes presents as a toothache may not actually be tooth related. It’s important to accurately identify and diagnose the problem prior to proceeding with treatment.

emergency extractions

Emergency extractions are often indicated when a tooth has become irreversibly inflamed, infected, or too broken down to fix. In some cases pain relief can be achieved through root canal therapy, but if the tooth cannot be fixed, an extraction is likely the best course of action. We have many options to replace missing teeth.

emergency root canal therapy

Emergency root canal therapy involves the removal of the inflamed or infected tissue inside the tooth. This is often indicated when a tooth, that is structurally sound, has a cavity that has reached the nerve.


It’s important to be aware, that in instances of head trauma, medical evaluation takes priority over dental injury. In order to thoroughly evaluate head injuries such as concussions, hematomas, or brain bleeds, you will need to see a medical doctor. If consciousness was lost during the injury, please seek medical evaluation right away.

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